At Creatis we're fascinated by the creative process, for all its benefits, and want to further understand, explore and make it part of our everyday living. And we can do so by learning new skills, leveraging appropriate tools, being active & playful, adding to our bag of experiences and having the right mindset.


Active, Discovery Learning

Creativity is an activity. It's about using your skills. Learn a new art form, delve deeper into an existing domain or gain a holistic study of our Circular Approach (Yarn-to-Yarn). Choose from a copious amount of art forms. Our classes are hands-on with an emphasis on details, taught by masters that have a collective experience of 200+ years. Explore, experiment, play, doubt assumptions, assauge your curiosity, engage in deliberate practice.

Learning while creating

As you learn, you get to create a product uniquely yours. Play with maker tools, designs, colors to personalize your experience. Use different media - physical & digital - to create. Express yourself via your newly discovered medium.  And, whilst creating, discover your creative process and explore the world inside you.

Maker Pass

A membership pass that allows you studio access for a period of time. Spend a day or several days to combine and connect different art forms to imagine new possibilities. Creativity is recombinatory - combining new thoughts with existing information that will lead to continual improvement. Use the Maker Pass to create & consume, make clothing for yourself, work on a class project or prototype to launch your own brand. 

hire Purpose

Hire a ... Bespoke Tailor, Natural Dyer, Embroiderer, Upholsterer, Block Maker, Screen Printer, Photographer, Hand Painter, Screen Maker, Color Maker ... Hire a master to assist you in your creative endeavors. Put your imagination to work.

a way of being

A state of flow, as frequently described, is a state where you feel your best and perform your best. This state is often experienced during a creative task where you are focused, challenged and experiencing novelty. The attempt, at Creatis, is to have the challenge slightly greater than the skill. To get you to stretch. To get you into a mindset where it's not so much about what you making but about a way of being.

aesthetic Experience

“The arts especially address the idea of aesthetic experience. an aesthetic experience is one in which your senses are operating at their peak, when you are present in the current moment, when you are resonating with the excitement of this thing you are experiencing, when you are fully alive.” The vibrant colors we perceive, the texture of fabrics brushing against our finger tips, the sound of the printing blocks tapping the fabric, the roar of a sewing machine- these are all a part of the sensory experience you will encounter at Creatis.


To hold space, to take a journey inward. Our bright, open studio space - conveniently located in Jaipur center - gives you plenty of personal space and, with everything movable, the opportunity to recreate your physical environment to collaborate with fellow creators and masters“It’s human friction that makes the sparks. Foster the bumps.”


Creativity Framework:

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