I did the workshop on machine embroidery and ... I learned a lot in a very short space of time, above all about control and concentration in trying to master the technique. It was good to exchange information about my own work with my tutor who was, plainly, quite brilliant.
— Elizabeth W
The quality of the teaching and the information and background about the art was wonderful. It felt like we were among friends and the finished product was a great item of memorabilia for our time in Jaipur.
— Alan C
I wanted to learn some of indian traditional printing technics, and ended not only learning the beautiful process with talented people, but also sharing ideas into a very personalize environment. I truly recommend this place if you are looking forward to create your own project.
— Alejandra
We wanted to learn the block printing process to make our own designs back home. This workshop is 100% hands on and perfect for those who want to both learn from experts whilst having complete control over the final output.
— Matthew M
Another magical day. I am so blessed that Creatis opened up their hearts and made my wildest art dreams come true. I was given a personal walk through of their tie dye workspace and had a hands on experience of how authentic Tie Dye prints are created in Jaipur. My favorite part; the Vats of dye were heated by wood burning fires.
— Nicole G
(The workshop) is so much fun and interesting ... people are really friendly and helpful ... we all enjoyed it a lot. You will be surprised about all you can do. It is fascinating ...
— Delphine
I never expected such a fantastic experience that enabled me to learn so much about the process of block printing. At Creatis I was guided through the process with a fun, professional and creative approach.
— Kathleen L
I had a great experience at Creatis! Not only the fun of making art , but also the learning of the process of printing, and how much work goes behind a pretty fabric design. I truly recomend this workshop!!!
— fersky
I can say that it was an eye opening and wondrous experience to expose the techniques, precision and patience of block printing.
— Jeffrey P
If ever in Jaipur and are looking for something interesting and off the beaten track . I truly recommend this.
— Adriano S
Such a wonderful experience learning the different methods and techniques of screen printing, block printing, and embroidery!
— Grace T
You will get to work on a piece of fabric about a metre square, and choose designs and colors. Well worth doing, and I will treasure my little piece of artwork!!
— Jackie C
I was extremely fortunate to have a one on one session with a hand embroidery genius! The studio space and people at Creatis are amazing and welcoming. Today was a dream come true!!
— Nicole G
It was lovely to meet everyone involved in Creatis. It was such a great way to end our trip and create handmade functional souvenirs.
— Margaret F
I have wanted to create my own block print collection for beach couture for some time. TKRL + Creatis gave me the opportunity to work on block print designs. Working with the Masters was educational. My new technique gave them a new way to create block prints for an ancient tradition. When creative people work together magic happens!
— Gwendolyn G
It was just a few hours spending time doing block painting but it was really fun. I and my friends enjoyed it very much. All the staffs are friendly, willing to help and make sure your painting is just right and fine. Once you are done with the session, you will have your own block painting of one-square-meter as a souvenir from Jaipur. I would like to recommend this to everyone ...
— Nadia P
Great working in the (studio); everyone was helpful and patient. The woodblock carver was there that day, and truly amazing being able to see him at his craft.
— Maureen H