Come alive with the sensory experience that is Creatis. Observe the vibrant colors, the hums of sewing machines and the radical aliveness of an authentic experience.

Your whole experience of life is determined by you. How we observe art, the sounds we pick up on, the way we feel and touch fabrics, is all part of our own artistic process and how you relate to the world.

Art is everywhere and everything is art. Open your heart and feel the inspiration within, as you are taken along this journey. Open your ears and observe an artistic language only understood by the ones with the purest intentions.

The vibrant colors we perceive, the texture of fabrics brushing against our finger tips, the sound of the printing blocks tapping the fabric, the roar of a sewing machine- these are all a part of the sensory experience you will encounter at Creatis.


Examples of sensory experiences:

  • In hand embroidery art, during regular intervals, touch replaces vision as the dominant sense modality.
  • When using an embroidery machine it is important to maintain a good hand balance, a sense of feel.
  • In screen print, your arm pressure needs to be consistent, and in sync with your partner, for a well distributed print. 
  • The dull thumping sounds of the wooden blocks, muffled by the padded wooden tables, emphasizing the empty silence that precede each repeat.