Combining subjects in an interlocking way with the arts allows you to see connections, connections allow you to be creative, and creativity leads to a flourishing of people, nations and culture.
— Phoebe Miles
You do the work for the doing, not for the fruit. You can never really know how it’s going to turn out ... but you know if you enjoy doing it and ideas start flowing and you start getting excited about stuff then you’re having a great time in doing and that’s what it’s all about.
— David Lynch
What I have found is that the satisfaction that comes from creativity ... mimics very similarly the same kind of rush I get from the action adventure sports.
— Steven Kotler
If you stay in the ‘known’ then you’re a technician, you become an artist when you explore the possibilities.
— John Michael Schert
Scientists who are trained in the arts can more easily see patterns, shapes and hidden connection in their data.
— Phoebe Miles
The most important learning happens when people are deeply engaged with designing things, creating things, experimenting, exploring, expressing themselves as you do with a paintbrush.
— Mitchel Resnick
We can improve the tenor of our thoughts by contemplating art.
— Unknown