(Beta) Class: Internet of Things, Smart Textiles (Pro | Geek) 

Fee: ₹1500 for 1+ person

Duration: 1 Class, 6 Hours / Class

Schedule: Everyday, 10 AM

Search Tags: Arduino

LDR sensor (2).jpg

"The human condition is defined by our limitations. Creativity & technology is the way we transcend our boundaries."

Understand application of sensors (currently limited to: temperature, LDR, ultrasonic), learn to integrate them with textiles using conductive thread & arduino, use imagination to create smart textiles.

Prerequisite: None

Size: 2 - 4 persons


(Beta) Class: Internet of Things, Circuit Design (Explorer | Geek) 

Fee: ₹575 for 1+ persons, ₹750 for 1 person

Duration: 1 Class, 2 Hours / Class

Schedule: Everyday, 10 AM

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Learn to make a simple electronic circuit design on cloth using conductive thread, LEDs, resistors and battery.

Prerequisite: Embroidery: Machine (Explorer or Pro) or Embroidery: Hand (Explorer or Pro) or prior experience in hand or machine embroidery.

Size: 1 - 4 persons