Fields Medal winner Manjul Bhargava on why marrying creativity with science is the path of the future
If you look at some of the most creative scientists in history, they’ve often had some kind of a musical or artistic background. The reason being that practising art develops this great innovative side of the brain. So, even if you are not explicitly painting, ..., you are creating many things that are out of the box. Just that ability that is imparted when you do humanities and art helps the innovative process in science.
Art and the New Biology of the Mind
There’s no better way to create citizens - to create fully thinking, ethically sound human beings - than to provide them with arts and humanities education because those are the ones that can allow you to deal with ambiguity to deal with contradiction to deal with the vagaries of human behavior ...
— Antonio Damasio
Creativity and the human mind
A lot of creative people are what are known as polymaths. They have interests in many fields ... so they have knowledge about many different things and they put those together all the time and they can’t help being curious about multiple different topics.
— Dr. Nancy Andreasen
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