Block Print

explorer: 2 hours ₹900 +GST (₹600 +GST member or group rate) • EVERYDAY, 10 AM, 12:30 PM, 3 PM

pro: 6 hours ₹1500 +GST (₹1000 +GST member or group rate) • EVERYDAY, 10 AM

learner: 6 classes, 3 hours / class ₹4800 +GST • 10 AM, 2 pm

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Step into a centuries old world of block print, an Indian art aesthetic which is prominent in the local creation realm. Learn to speak with color and shapes as you explore this form. Learn block printing using a motive or all-over design. Create your own unique print by selecting designs and colors. 

Dabu Print

explorer: 2 hours ₹900 +GST • EVERYDAY, 10 AM

Let your instincts drive you as you venture deep into the incomparable art of block print. Allow the soothing feeling to wash over you as your block rhythmically taps the fabric, before laying it to rest in the sun. Experience mud resist (Dabu) printing & Indigo dyeing process. (Transport charges to Bagru are not included in fee. The class is offered September to April only.)

Block Making

pro: 6 hours ₹1500 +GST • Monday, 10 AM

Let your inner light shine as you sketch, carve, chisel and sand a block to ignite your creation power. Learn the process of block making. Create your own small size block from a selection of designs. (Transport charges to Kanota are not included in fee.)


Art Forms:  Dabu (Dhabu), Bagru