Block Print

explorer: 2-3 hours ₹1200 +GST (₹850 +GST member or group rate) • EVERYDAY, 10 AM, 12:30 PM, 3 PM

pro: 6 hours ₹1800 +GST (₹1300 +GST member or group rate) • EVERYDAY, 10 AM

learner: 8 classes, 3 hours / class ₹5400 +GST (₹3800 +GST member or group rate) • 10 AM, 2 pm

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From a basic overview (Explorer) to a comprehensive study (Learner) of the Block Printing stages that include Block Making, Color Making and Printing (Pigment, Natural, Dabu). Select a class best suited for you. Depending on the class you select, you will learn to layer a motive design, all-over design, border design (sari print). You will create your own unique print by selecting designs and colors.

Block Print (Natural)

Pro Plus: 3 classes, 3 hours / class ₹2700 +GST (₹1900 +GST member or group rate) • Everyday, 10 AM

Gain knowledge of block printing with mordants and dyeing with natural colors. Create your own unique print from a selection of designs and colors.

Dabu (Resist) Print

explorer: 2 hours ₹1200 +GST • EVERYDAY, 10 AM, Minimum 2

A captivating process of printing with mud paste & dyeing with natural colors (usually Indigo). Mud paste - consisting of black clay, gum acacia, waste wheat flour, and limestone - is applied (from a selection of block designs) to resist color. (The class is held in Bagru.)

Block Making

pro: 6 hours ₹1800 +GST • Everyday, 10 AM • Minimum 2

Sketch, carve, chisel and sand a block to ignite your creation power. Learn the process of block making from sketch to carving. Create your own small size block from a selection of designs.

*Block Making (Digital)

Pro Plus: 3 classes, 2 hours / class ₹4800 +GST • Everyday, 10 Am, Minimum 2

Make a block using digital tools, using a vector graphics editor and 3D modeling computer program. 3D print your design using either PLA or ABS filament (offsite).

Color Making

explorer: 2 hours ₹1200 +GST (₹850 +GST member or group rate) • EVERYDAY, 10 AM, 12:30 PM, 3 PM

Study color-fast pigment dyes for block print. Create your own color using a pantone reference. Mix colors to create tertiary colors, tints using white, tones using gray, shades using black.


Skills: Sanganeri, Dabu (Dhabu), Bagru, Color Theory, Woodworking, 3D Print, CAD