Short master classes everyday in Block Print, photography, Embroidery, paint+sketch & more for the explorer, pro and learner.


Explorer Class


An Offbeat Experience

Pro Class


Pitta Embroidery ... create a layer of metallic coating using a hammer

Learner Class


Sewing + Tailoring for Students, Entrepreneurs


a personalized approach to creation in a rich learning environment

Venture through lively alley ways and stimulating fabric filled market stalls to arrive at Creatis. Choose from a copious amount of art forms and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Learn from masters that have a collective experience of 300+ years. Create your own unique product and allow raw creativity to flow through you in Jaipur, the handicraft capital of India.


a well equipped toolbox is essential for creativity. 

When you have the right pen it actually helps you. It’s a really inspirational thing, like ... you rise to it.
— J.J. Abrams

Explorer, Pro, Learner. What class is right for me?